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James T. Crouse

Complexity Of Helicopters Crashes – The Slate Magazine

I was recently interviewed and consulted by Katy Waldman in The Slate magazine for an article about the causes of helicopter crashes. The Slate’s call was timely since in February we began…

James T. Crouse

Runway Incursion At JFK – Will The FAA’s Waiver For Super Sized Jets Increase Incursion Incidents?

Today, the world’s largest commercial passenger jet, an Airbus A380, was involved in a runway incursion when it clipped the tail of a much smaller regional jet at John F. Kennedy’s…

James T. Crouse

Flawed Maintenance System Possible In Light of SWA Fuselage Cracking

Regarding the partial fuselage structural failure of one of its Boeing 737’s on Saturday, Southwest’s chief operating officer, said in a statement:

Prior to the event regarding Flight…

James T. Crouse

Follow-Up On Deadly Piedmont Triad International Airport Crash

It has now been confirmed that Marcia Salmons-Keaton, 50, was flying the Beechcraft Baron 58 when the aircraft crashed into a house in High Point, North Carolina, roughly 3 miles from touchdown at…

James T. Crouse

N.C. Tort Reform On Product Liability Attacks Right Of Individuals

The legislature in North Carolina is attacking the rights of individuals at the behest of big money. The product liability bill got here courtesy of a group called ALEC, whose funders include…

James T. Crouse

Plane Crash at Piedmont Triad International Airport North Carolina

A twin-engine Hawker Beechcraft Baron Model 58 belonging to Jet Logistics of Charlotte, N.C., crashed into a home in High Point, North Carolina, killing the aircraft’s two occupants. One…

James T. Crouse

Why Do Helicopters Crash?

Seven years ago the International Helicopter Safety Team was established to study helicopter accidents. Accident rates for all other aircraft were decreasing, yet the accident rate of helicopters…

James T. Crouse

Child Safety Seats and Airlines—Parents Take Note

The Department of Transportation recently reminded us about the safety of children on airlines. FIRST AND FOREMOST: The safest place for child on board a plane is in a child safety seat or a…