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Leto Copeley

You’ve Been Sexually Assaulted: What’s Next?

Sexual assaults (stranger rape, date rape, unwanted touching, forced sexual acts, or abuse) cause intense trauma, stress, fear, and confusion. Some victims are too horrified to focus on caring for themselves. We hope you never encounter the brutality of sexual […]

Leto Copeley

How to Avoid a #MeToo Experience with a Massage Therapist

There is nothing like a good massage at a spa where you feel safe. Turns out some massage therapists are dangerous.

Leto Copeley

Congress and the President Just Increased Taxes on Confidential Sexual Harassment Settlements—Will They Fix It?

You may have heard that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the one that gives corporations permanent tax cuts, was passed in a hurry.  There was talk about members of congress writing provisions by hand during the wee hours of […]