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Saving Lives Means Being Prepared Before The Emergency

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On Crouse Law Office’s Aviation Safety Blog we posted an article from test pilot Bill Lawrence on the need to be prepared for emergencies by thinking things through ahead of time and by challenging preconceptions. This got us to thinking about how Col. Lawrence’s wise advice could apply to areas in our lives outside of aviation.

When we get in our cars, do we think about the things that could happen? When is the last time you checked your tire pressure, or did a thorough visual inspection of belts, hoses, tires and the underside of your car?

In the last thirty days, have you actually checked around your workplace for items that can create a hazard for you or someone at work? I mean a walk around just for that purpose?

What about at home? Have you thoroughly looked in your children’s rooms and play areas? What is in the garage or under that could prove hazardous—if not deadly? If you have guns and knives, are they secured—really secured?

The recent tornadoes should be a call to us all to PREPARE! Where would you and your family go—including pets? Do you have fire ladders for all of your second floor rooms? When the tornado is bearing down or when the fire is raging, it’s too late.

And if you must drive on slick roads—when’s the last time you actually practiced skid recovery?